As Father and Mother Lead Me

Father and Mother Lead Me -  whoiswmscog (Christ Ahnsahnghong&God the Mother


I give all thanks and glory to our Heavenly Father, Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for taking my hand and leading me to the kingdom of heaven.

When I decided to study medical science and wondered which high school I should apply to, the school in Vladivostok was the one that appealed to me. However, it wasn’t easy for me to go to Vladivostok.  It takes about six hours by flight from my hometown, Yakutsk. Also, in order to enter the school I needed a scholarship which required a high score. I didn’t know what to do, so I prayed to God for the first time in my life. I had never sought God before, but to go to a new city, I prayed to Him with all my strength; when I look back on the events that took place, it just seems so strange.
Sometime later, I was allowed to enter a medical school in Vladivostok. It felt as if God had actually helped me, so I jumped for joy. The thought that I had to thank God lingered in my mind. When I settled down in Vladivostok, I went to a Russian Orthodox Church to show my appreciation to God. But for some reason, I did not go inside. I just paced around the entrance for a long time and ended up going back home.
However, it seemed that the angels took hold of my hand because a few days later I met some people from the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) who were preaching God the Mother. At a glance, I could tell that their words and facial expressions were sincere, which comforted me.
The more I listened to the words of the Bible, the more my soul was absorbed into the words. When I received a new life, I really felt that I was being born again.
Studying the prophecies of the book of Daniel and of Revelation, I became more assured that the Bible is the prophecy of God without a flaw. The truth about Heavenly Mother overwhelmed my heart with much emotion. God who created the whole universe exists on this earth now in the same appearance as mine.
There would be nothing that could make my heart beat faster than this.
This truth is a very important matter that not only me but also all people must know. I preached what I learned in Zion to my friends who came to Vladivostok together with me from my hometown. I expected that they would be surprised like me, but I was wrong. They laughed at me, and my confidence to lead all of them to Zion soon disappeared. I didn’t know what to do, but  no matter how many times I pondered upon it, there was nothing wrong with the truth of the Bible. There was also no reason to stop preaching this important message. Believing that the truth would surely speak for itself, I preached the words to them again.
Now, five of my friends have accepted the truth. Before, they were not interested in church, but now they say they like Zion which is warm. That is the very reason that I, too, always want to go to Zion. I’m very pleased to be with my friends in Zion which is warm in the love of Heavenly Mother.
My hometown, Yakutsk, is famous as a cold city even in Russia. The temperature falls to – 70℃ [-94℉] in midwinter. I’d like to preach Mother’s warm love and life to my friends and family who are fighting against the cold during most of their time in a year in m hometown. If I try a little harder, all of them will be able to stay in the warmest place in the world, Heavenly Mother’s arms.
As God led me to Vladivostok and allowed me to listen to the truth, I believe that God will guide me to the way of blessings continually. Until I reach the heavenly home country, I will follow Father and Mother as They lead me.

L K from Vladivostok, Russia


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