“Thank you for being born as my daughter.”

Pictured by whoiswmscog_mom and daughter

“Thank you for being born as my daughter.”

This is what my mom said when she prepared a meal for me with sea mustard soup and steaming rice on my birthday. I had a lump in my throat. I swallowed back my tears and said,

“C’mon, what are you talking about?”

“I thought giving birth to you would be difficult, but you came out so easily in order not to trouble me. You were gentle and cried only when you were hungry or when your diapers were wet. You slept well. You were so good! You’ve grown well without making any trouble even up until now. Thank you so much!”

From the moment when I was a dot in my mom’s belly until this moment, she carries only good memories about me in her mind.

It couldn’t be easy to give birth to a child. No matter how nice a baby could be, it probably isn’t an easy job to change diapers many times a day. As I grew up, sometimes I got angry at my mom and yelled at her. But how could she only remember the good things about me and smile so brightly? Thanks to her ardent love, I could grow well without even getting a scratch on my body.

My mom stroked my hands gently, saying, “My daughter’s hands are so beautiful,” and I saw that her hands were rough and stiff. Thinking that there must have been a time when my mom was beautiful like a flower, the lump in my throat grew even bigger. My mom’s face and hands must have grown rougher as I grew beautiful. Considering my mom’s love silently, I realize Heavenly Mother’s love just a little bit more.

SY Lee from Korea

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