The one, who had stood against WMSCOG, becomes Gospel worker


Here is a beautiful story of a big change. An elder lady had stood against the Church of God, but later becomes a great gospel worker in the World Mission Society Church of God. Let me deliver it for you.

In my Zion, there is a sister who has a strong gospel fervor like that of a young adult, even though she is sixty years old. She lives in Sakhalin, Russia. Until recently she was a devout Protestant-she even interpreted sermons in Russian during services. She heard the truth through her younger sister living in Korea several times, but she did not accept it; rather, she harshly opposed her sister attending the Church of God. This past June, she came to Korea to receive medical treatment and to go on holidays. Her younger sister thought it was the opportunity to deliver the truth to her elder sister, and she brought her to Zion. The sister, who confirmed the existence of Heavenly Mother through the Bible, readily admitted the truth and became a child of Mother with a humble heart; it was hard to believe because she had once stood against our Church. It was all thanks to the grace of Father and Mother.

The sister studied the Bible every day and received the abundance of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost. Before leaving Korea, she had an opportunity to see Heavenly Mother in person. Mother was pleased to see her, saying that a great gospel worker had been found in Sakhalin, and the sister was determined in tears never to forget Mother, and she returned to Sakhalin.

The Pastor of a Protestant church, which she had attended before, found out that she had received the truth, and he started to hinder her from the day she arrived in Sakhalin. He showed her various kinds of slandering materials against the Church of God, and even tried to make her fall away from the truth through her family. However, the sister did not waver in faith; instead, she preached the gospel to people around her more boldly.

Since Zion had not yet been established in that city and there was no one to teach her the Bible, I just hoped that she would hold worship services regularly. So, when I heard that the sister was preaching the gospel fervently, I was really surprised. I wondered how she was preaching the gospel.

“I deliver the truth of the Sabbath and the Passover to people by reading them the book titled ‘My sheep Listen to My Voice,’ and I preach Heavenly Father and Mother through the sermon books. I can deliver the truth with the books. So don’t worry!”

She added that over twenty people promised to receive the truth and seven people gave service together last Sabbath; her earnest mind to save even one more soul must have touched their hearts.

With a fervent heart like that of Jeremiah who could not endure if he did not preach God’s word, the sister is preaching today, too. If she does not meet a person today, she believes and expects that she will meet someone tomorrow, and she turns her steps toward another place. She is so enthusiastic about the gospel; her enthusiasm is greater that anyone else’s. Now she has only one hope.

“I hope that the Church of God will be established in Sakhalin as soon as possible. We, too, pray that Zion will soon be established in Sakhalin for the sister who has become a great gospel worker according to Mother’s words.”

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