The result of memorizing and understanding


There once was a wise man, who would always say to those who would come to listen to his teachings, “watch out for the trap. Don’t sit on the trap.” As time passed by, a parrot in his house learned those words. Whenever the wise man said the words, the parrot shouted out even louder than him, saying “watch out for the trap. Don’t sit on the trap!”

One day, the birdcage opened and the parrot flew away. Worried about the parrot, the wise man and his disciples went into a forest to look for it. In the deep area of the forest, hearing the parrot’s cries, they quickly went to where it was. Pitifully, it was caught in a trap. Nevertheless, it kept saying the words, “watch out for the trap. Don’t sit on the trap!”

The above story is titled ‘The result of memorizing and understanding’. Thinking about the parrot, I examined myself to see if I just memorized the words of God with my lips and spoke the words. Recently, Heavenly Mother gave the teaching ‘be joyful always’. Although I repeatedly say it every day, I feel ashamed thinking how much I have put the teachings into practice. From now on, I am determined to be the God’s child who engraves each word of God deep in my heart and puts it into practice. I give sincere thanks and glory to Heavenly Father Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother who have let me live with the hope for heaven.

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8 Responses

  1. BLACKROSE says:

    Every word of God is commandment and truth. Nothing can be neglected. If we obey all the words of God, we can fully reach the kingdom of heaven.

  2. uribosong says:

    The word of God is to lead us to heaven. I will practice and follow God’s word in obedience to the end.

  3. musco says:

    Nowdays we know a lot of things through internet. But we do not practice a lot as much as we know. We are not proud of how much we know. Be proud of how much we do

  4. ann says:

    every teachings of Mother give us instruction. for us Her give us everything. i’ll give Thanks to God.

  5. Amy says:

     I also feel ashamed thinking how much I have put the teachings into practice. Our God the Father, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother shows us the great love and sacrifices  all the time. We are blessed from God.

  6. leebonhyang says:

    Christ Anhsahnghong and Heavenly Mother show us what love is, why we need love, how we love through the Bible. They have practised the wonderous love to us so we follow them with love.

    The love are sabbath, passover and the water of life. Thanks to Elohim god to recognize the truth of The Bible.

  7. lebekah says:

    I understood that why did heavenly mother say that ‘Be joyful always.’
    It is because the kingdom of Heaven is waiting for me though I’m in trouble now~! 😀

  8. irenetheron says:

    That’s a good example showing that there is a big difference between memorizing and understanding 🙂 One thing that we should really “understand” is, “Be joyful always “means that there is a good reason why we, the children of Heavenly Mother should be joyful, even if things aren’t perfect now…..
    Plz remember that the children of Heavenly Mother is the children of promise who will receive eternal life. All thanks and glory be to Heavenly Mother for giving me such a blessing.

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