There is plenty of work but not enough workers

There is plenty of work but not enough workers - whoiswmscog (Ahnsahnghong & God the Mother)


I want to thank our God Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for allowing me to write this fragrance and to share it with my loving brothers and sisters.

One day I went to visit my parents after a long time. I was accompanied by my older sister, her child and my children. When we arrived, we went out to dig up the sweet potatoes. But my mom had already dug them all up, and there was only one furrow left. Leaving the work of digging up the sweet potatoes to their children, my sister and I followed our mother to the red pepper field.

Actually, I had been so busy that I couldn’t help my mom with the farm work; and she didn’t ask me to help her this time, so I thought that almost all the red peppers had probably been harvested. However, when we arrived at the field, we saw it covered with ripe red peppers.

“Mom, how come there are still so many ripe red peppers left in the field?”

“That’s because of the lack of helping hands.”

We felt the urgency to speed up because the frost would come down in a little while. Since we were not sure when we were able to come back and help our mom, we decided to harvest all the red peppers that day. We didn’t even want to waste our time eating a meal. So, we had some noodles very quickly and concentrated completely on harvesting all the red peppers. After picking up every last one of them, we brought them all into the barn.

I felt like God was telling us, “There is plenty of work to do, but not enough workers.” We still have many brothers and sisters to find, but we are unable to lead them all into the barn of Zion yet because we do not have enough gospel workers. When my sister and I finished harvesting the red peppers, we promised each other to please Mother by diligently harvesting all the good fruits that are fully ripe in the vast field of the gospel and bringing them into the heavenly barn, World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). Until the day we go to heaven and even in the kingdom of our holy Father and Mother, let us always give eternal praise, glory and thanks to our Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother.

JH Kim from Busan, Korea

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