Gift of Endurance

gift of endurance in wmscog

Whenever I go to Zion, the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG), I feel like flying. Zion is a place of rest where my weary soul finds comfort and peace. Whenever I felt weak and troubled, I thought about Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother: ‘Since my heart aches this much over just a single soul, how much more heartbroken and distressed Father and Mother must have felt!’

One day, I went out to preach the gospel after praying earnestly. Then I met one soul. After listening to God’s word, he was reborn as a child of God without hesitation and kept the Sabbath day. The brother was a college student; he came to Zion every day to study the Bible. When he had no time to study the Bible, he stopped by Zion to pray on his way to school. Then he bore fruit just eight days after receiving the truth, and that day he shared his fragrance of Zion with me.

‘Recently, I was very exhausted and distressed, and I felt that I should seek God. I needed somebody to lean on and wanted someone to hold me. So, I just thought of going to any church, and just then I met you. Actually, when I heard your preaching, I followed you to Zion while thing to myself: ‘Let me just go and pray there once.’ I didn’t really expect to receive this blessing of salvation! Thank you for teaching me this precious truth and guiding me to the Church of God where the true god dwells.’

While listening to his story, I realized this: ‘Truly he is a member of our heavenly family, whom God the Father and God the Mother prepared. To allow me to bear this precious fruit, Father and Mother have let me wait for such a long time.’ As I thought of this, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. Now the brother reveals his strong ambitions for the gospel, saying that he wants to preach the gospel to other people by studying the Bible diligently. I believe that he will become a great gospel workers before long.

If Father and Mother did not take care of my weary soul, I would not be able to realize my shortcomings nor understand the mind of Father and Mother. I give all thanks and praise to Father and Mother for always giving strength to this weak child so that I will not fall, and for granting me the great gift of endurance.


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