God’s sacrificial blood shed for me

God's sacrificial blood shed for me - whois wmscog.com

I’d like to share the grace of God which¬†Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother have bestowed upon me and give all glory, honor and thanks to Them for Their eternal love.

I visited an acquaintance who was in an accident and had been hospitalized.
He works in a construction field, and four of his fingers were injured because a machine malfunctioned. The first thing he said as soon as he woke up from the anesthesia after the operation was, “get rid of that machine right now!” He did not want to see it or even think about it. His company replaced the machine with a new one right away, admitting that there was something wrong with it. Even his co-workers would not want to use that machine.
Some people, who have been in an accident, show an extreme feeling of hatred for an object or a situation related to that accident. It is called post traumatic stress disorder; it is hard to live a normal life if it is not treated in time. My acquaintance who had been in the accident seemed to be under severe stress because of it. How awful it must be for him since he can’t use four of his fingers now!
I remember the movie, “The Passion of the Christ” that I saw in a theater a few years ago. Jesus was in extreme pain for six hours on the cross. When I think of the scene where Jesus died after shedding all his water and blood on the cross, I don’t even want to look at the cross. I can fully understand why the members of the early Church described the cross as a cursed tree.
The churches of today are very different from the early Church. The cross has become the symbol of a church under the pretext of teaching the merits of Christ’s blood and His love. Before, I too used to wear a cross necklace. I firmly believed that it was the way to show my love for Jesus. How heartbroken God must have been, seeing me not understanding the truth?
Now I will preach to more people the Passover of the new covenant, through which God promised eternal life with His sacrificial blood shed on the cross.

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