When we empty our greed, happiness will be fulfilled.

God knows everything that we need.

Let’s not compare to others, or have too much greed for something.

We already have enough for what we need.






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3 Responses

  1. Elohist says:

    The solution for greed is being Thankful.

    When we are Thankful for what we have, there’s no need for us to compare ourselves with others.

    Let’s always give Thanks to God whether we are rich or poor, in need or having abundance.

    God always give us the best prescription for our salvation ^^

  2. love2aj says:

    I really hope so. To be filled with God’s love and hope for Heaven. 🙂

  3. sherlock says:

    It is not easy to empty our greed or sinful desires toward worldly things. However, once achieving it, we can get a great happiness and blessing and even recover our composure.

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