God the Mother is my Guide to heaven.

mother who guides our soul into heaven

In my school days, I did not miss getting the perfect attendance award. It was all thanks to my mother. No matter what happened to me, my mother never allowed me to be absent from school. When I was sick, she carried me on her back to school and put me on my seat. At that time, I thought it was too much for me, and used to complain to my mother. Now, however, I fell thankful to her. The kind of spirit, which my mother implanted in me, gives me much help while I am living my social life. In my life of faith, too, I encounter various trials and tribulations, but I am never absent from meeting God.

Heavenly Mother in WMSCOG is my Guide to heaven. When I have a hard time, She carries me in Her arms and leads my soul; and when I feel sad, She consoles me and inspires a stronger faith in me. Mother always sets an example for me and personally teaches me what I have to do, through Her words of life and instructions, so that I can finally receive awards from Father Christ Ahnsahnghong at the last day.

I want to receive awards from Father Christ Ahnsahnghong without fail when I go to heaven. It is impossible with my own ability, but I believe that I can do it if I keep in step with the spirit of love, which Mother has implanted in me, and follow Her example. Earnestly looking forward to the day, I take one more step forward to heaven today, too.

Isaiah 55:4 “See, I have made him a witness to the peoples, a leader and commander of the peoples”

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10 Responses

  1. EunA says:

    I will spread Heavenly Mother’s love to the world.

  2. July says:

    I am happy to have met Heavenly Mother.

  3. eden says:

    I am a weak man, but I can safely go to heaven because God is always with me and give me power . I thank God for leading me to heaven.

  4. nickydavin says:

    The more he learned about God’s word, the more amazed he was and changed his life in many ways too -> I really sympathize with her saying .  😉

    In actuality , the teachings of Mother help us so much make positive changes in our life!

    I heartily thank You, Heavenly Mother !

  5. margo says:

    Taking award is not easy. But most of people want to get it even though they didn’t do any hard things. If we want to take heavenly award, we must do something as much as taking award.
    Listen to God who says to you the way.

  6. suneel says:

    Jesus is the way truth and the life rest are cult and false doctrine if u believed god is feminine gender it is blasphemy.u will be in hell

  7. alsk79 says:

    This age is for God the Mother, by and through God the Mother God’s salvation will be completed.

  8. saphe says:

    The last giver of life must be Mother. This is God’s rule. Last salvation also need God the Mother absolutely.

    • grace lee says:


      God the Mother is the last secret in the bible for our salvation

      and the key to open the gate of the Kingdom of Heaven.

  9. Elohist says:

    Amen! Truly give thanks to our Heavenly Mother for being with us and guiding us to heaven.
    Truly without Mother, there’s no way we will made it to heaven ^^
    We would have fall or give up halfway being tempted by our enemy the devil…
    Mother, thank You for Your endless love for us! We love You, Mother!!!

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