I feel joyful and at ease when I attend the WMSCOG.



I would like to tell you a gracious story.

I wasn’t interested in religion ever since I was young. I received the truth from the members of the Church of God when I took a break from running a business with my husband. However, I never met them again because of the opposition by my friend. Then I moved and met the members of the Church of God again. But, I kept away from them because I had doubts in my mind.

After that, a neighbor, who had a child, moved in beside me. And she visited me when I was suffering from depression because I was raising my third child. I was so happy when she visited me and even envious of her because she had a bright face and had a favorable impression.

While conversing with her I could see she was a member of the Church of God. Suddenly, I was curious about the Church of God, but, I hesitated to ask her about the church. Right then she preached the word of the Bible to me, and, I made up my mind to study about the word of God. So, I started to study about the word of God with my neighbor and I was able to go to Zion.

I didn’t know how to thank God for giving me three chances to receive the truth. So I wanted to preach the word of God to my husband. However, he strongly opposed me going to the church. As I carefully thought about how to change his mind; I started to write a letter of love to him once a day.

One day, when I was returning from Zion, he said to me ‘Why do you feel so good? Your face is lit up. Does everyone look this bright after they attend church?’ With a happy expression on my face and a bright smile I answered him, ‘that’s right. When I worship God, I feel comfortable and joyful.’

I attended Zion more diligently because I felt he was watching me even though he didn’t say anything to me. When I had written a letter of love to him for about a month, he started to become open-minded little by little. He asked me not to exhaust myself from attending church. I jumped for joy. I could enjoy this happiness by the help of God and the prayers from the church members. I believe he will receive the word of God in the near future, even though he doesn’t attend church. I give my thanks to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother sincerely for letting me receive such a blessing, even though I am lacking in many ways. When I imagine the day our heavenly family members are all together, I am so excited to go to church. All of this comes from the grace of God. I want to be a child who earnestly preaches Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother to people whom I love through studying the Bible, even though I am lacking in so many ways. I sincerely give thanks to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother and give all glory to God.

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