Invisible World


World Mission Society Church of God

While we live our life of faith, we sometimes happen to be biased about our physical life.

As long as we are in the body, we cannot deny our physical life.

However, how empty and foolish will it be if we live only for the body that exists for a while and then vanishes?

It is very clear what we should focus on while living on the earth.

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8 Responses

  1. BLACKROSE says:

    Even though our body belongs to the flesh, we will always be awake, hoping for eternal heaven, relying on God who opens our spiritual eyes wide.

  2. Eun a says:

    The hometown of our souls is Heaven. We can return to heaven by the grace of God Elohim. Thank God Elohim.

  3. Gimba says:

    It is beautiful

  4. Eden says:

    God Elohim made both visible and invisible world so They can let us know about it and lead us to the eternal spiriual world.

  5. Tapana says:

    Invisible world? On that day when we enter the kingdom of heaven, we’ll be able to see what is unseen. Now, we cannot see all things because we are heavenly sinners. However, when we are changed as heavenly ones, we’ll see everything!

  6. crystal says:

    Yes, Even though we forget the existence of spiritual world, there must exist. Therefore we have to prepare the angelic world. If we study the Bible diligently, I think that we cannot forget. I give thanks to God the Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother to let me remind the importance of studying the Bible.

  7. whoiswmscog says:

    Before coming to the Church of God, I too had focused on the thing on earth. However, Father and Mother make me to focus on the things above. All thanks and glory to Father and Mother. 😀

  8. withallheart says:

    When I felt the breeze, I can notice the invisible world. Who made the invisible world? We must think about it carefully.

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