Want something Free?

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Usually, when people are asked “Do you want something free?“, mostly answers “Yes!”.

However, there are no such thing for free. You must pay or do something to receive it.

What about a free gift from GOD?

From the bible, God says if you want the free gift, all you have to do is just “Come” to them.

Let’s all “GO” to the Spirit and the bride who is giving us the free gift of the water of life.

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2 Responses

  1. noeleden says:

    The Passover is real free. We need anything because this is God’s gift for us.

  2. withallheart says:

    There are many free gifts which were prepared by God such as water and air. We don’t need any effort to generate the air and water. Before we are born in the Earth, God prepared nature for our living. Thanks to God for all these considerations.

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