Looking for My Sister


Let me share the fragrance of the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG).

I have two sisters: One of them is two years older than me, and the other is one year younger than me. In my childhood, my sisters were my best friends. My elder sister was mature enough to cover up my faults, and my younger sister listened to me very well. Just being with them, I did not fear even the bullies.

I especially loved my younger sister very much. It was because she listened to me well and perhaps because she was so cute; even though I told her a whopping lie, she believed it completely, blinking her big eyes.

Unfortunately, however, when she was fourteen years old, she was lost one day; she did not return home and we did not receive any call from her. My mom and dad called every one of her friends and went out to look for her. All through the night, they searched everywhere in the streets and the downtown area and even along the river. I was also so worried about my sister that I followed my parents to find her, but I just came back home soon after because I was afraid of walking in the streets at night.

The next day, my mom and dad went to my sister’s school early in the morning, expecting to be able to find her there; they thought that she probably did not come back home while playing with her friends until late at night and that she would go straight to school the next morning. However, she was not at school. My parents were so anxious and worried about her that they did not go to work and were looking for her all day long.

During class, I kept crying as I thought that I might not be able to see my sister again. As soon as I came home, I went out to find my sister. However, it was only for one hour that I looked for her. Even on the third day, my sister did not come back home.

“Is your sister back home? Did you receive a call from her?”

My mother asked me in a husky voice.

“No, not yet. . . .”

My mom did not sleep or eat well for several days, and her face became pale. Nevertheless, she went out to find my sister again. I was not able to see my parents’ faces except when they asked me if my sister came back.

On the fourth day, when I returned home from school, my sister was sleeping quietly in my mom’s arms. Only then did my dad go to sleep because he had not been able to take a rest for a long time.

Now we are all adults. Recalling what happened that day, my mom says to my sister:

“You really can’t imagine the hard time we went through while looking for you when you ran away from home. I was searching everywhere to find you, crying in spite of the crowd of people, but I did not feel ashamed at all. When I just saw a girl your age from behind, I thought it might be you . . . How much of a troublemaker you were! Ho-ho-ho!”

Now my parents laugh when they talk about that time, but I vividly remember how anxious and distressed they were when they lost their daughter. I was able to feel their pain and sorrow although I was very young at that time.

How much more sad and anxious our Heavenly Parents must be to find Their lost children, even forgetting to sleep and rest! Father and Mother, I am sorry that I just sat back and waited for my brothers and sisters to come back, not helping You find Your lost children. Now I will surely find my lost brothers and sisters and lead them into Your arms, without giving up on them whatever may happen.

We rejected Your love in heaven, but You continuously give these sinful children Your boundless love, which even angels envy. For this, we truly give thanks to You, Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother!

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