With Mother’s Earnest Heart

Heavenly Mother_1207

I bore no good fruit for a long time, and I was so sorry towards God at the thought that I had been preaching the gospel just out of habit. I also felt afraid that I would not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven while just wasting my time with this lukewarm faith. One day, when I was praying, I burst into tears. Earnestly asking Elohim God to help me find a soul who was looking for Heavenly Mother and lead that soul to the truth, I braced myself up.

Then one day, while diligently going around preaching the gospel, I heard a voice from someone’s house. I said that I wanted to deliver the truth of the Passover recorded in the Bible. Then I heard a woman’s voice from inside the house saying, “Come in,” as if she had been waiting for me. Thinking that I might have heard wrong, I asked her once again, and she said:

“Didn’t you come from the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG)? Please come in and teach me the words of the Bible.”

She welcomed me with a bright smile; surely she was our heavenly sister who was waiting for Elohim God. It turned out that she already received the truth when she was a young adult, but that she could not keep up her faith due to some reason. After giving birth to her first child, she restarted her life of faith, but she left the truth again as her family had some financial difficulty.

Although she was away from Zion, she always missed Heavenly Mother, and whenever spring came, she felt very anxious at the thought that she should keep the Passover. While walking down the street with her children, sometimes she found a signboard of the “World Mission Society Church of God.” Then her children asked her, “Mom, why don’t we keep the Sabbath and the Passover?” Hearing them say that, she wanted to return to Zion at least for her children. However, she was lacking in courage and just kept waiting for someone from Zion to find her.

As she was waiting blindly without any promise, she even resented Zion members for not trying to find her. One day, when someone knocked on her door, she ran out, but as she found out that the person was not a member of Zion, she was very disappointed. Now she finally met her heavenly family and returned to Zion that she had missed so much. She repeatedly gave thanks to Heavenly Mother for finding her without forgetting her.

I was overwhelmed with emotion; I was once also a lost sheep, who left Heavenly Mother and was wandering in the dark world. Even though I was a sinner who had hurt Heavenly Mother’s heart deeply and left Her, She never gave up on me, even for a moment, and led me to the way of life again with Her boundless love.

What would have happened to the sister and me if Heavenly Mother had not waited for us? Just the thought of it makes me feel afraid. Heavenly Mother had been waiting anxiously for us, calling, “My son! My daughter!” even forgetting to sleep and rest. Thanks to the sacrifice of Heavenly Mother, we were able to return to Zion after a long wandering.

There are still so many souls around the world who are waiting for Heavenly Mother’s love. Now I have realized what I need the most in order to lead them to Heavenly Mother. That is the heart of Heavenly Mother. I believe that if we have Heavenly Mother’s earnest heart and Her untiring love to find Her lost children, we will be able to find all our heavenly family members no matter where they are.

Even at this moment, Heavenly Mother must be feeling so anxious and heartbroken over Her children who have not been found yet. Without forgetting the pain and suffering of Heavenly Mother, I will put all my heart and effort into accomplishing the gospel. I want to quickly find all my heavenly brothers and sisters, so the years of Heavenly Mother’s suffering will end as soon as possible.

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