Love your neighbor as yourself

broom and bucket

This happened on my way to go to church for early morning service during  the feasts of God. The church alley was filled with a putrid smell. The smell was caused by food waste. The food waste was scattered all over the street which had been dropped there when a garbage truck passed by. After the early morning service, there was someone cleaning up the food waste in the church alley with his back bent over.

The person who cleaning up the food waste with a broom and bucket was a brother, advanced in age in my Zion. He most likely lived close to the church probably brought the cleaning equipment from his own house as soon as the early morning service was over. It might have taken some time to clean up the waste which was scattered all over the street. I recommended him to take a break and told him that a garbage truck would clean it up. Then he said, ‘This alley, which our members walk through, belongs to our town anyway, so I have to clean it so I won’t feel disgusted. I want to help the gospel in this way in spite of lacking in ability. The brother who cleaned the alley with a bright smile resembled Heavenly Mother who set an example at the forefront whenever volunteer work took place. On the other hand, I was ashamed of myself who frowned at the putrid smell.

I always learn a lesson from the teaching of Christ who said ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’, but I might have fallen short of the effort which is to put into action. I wish to live by doing good for the benefit of others than my own following after Heavenly Mother. Also, I wish to diligently preach the Gospel which is the most beautiful love and good deed.

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11 Responses

  1. bluelight says:

    I will embrace Mother’s love, put that love into practice, and go to heaven.

  2. Susan says:

    God is most pleased when sinners like us repent and return to God’s arms. We will evangelize diligently to please Elohim God.

  3. Eun a says:

    I will give glory to Elohim God by bearing many grains of fruit.

  4. Nenita says:

    This is a very touching story.  Following God’s exmaple, I’ll also do my effort to work first for brothers and sisters.

  5. buddy says:

    how beautiful story it is . I will also practice the love of God to the world  like this brother.

  6. nightflight says:

    Yes, If we recieved much love from God the Father and God the Mother, we also have to share love with our neighbors like this our elder brother.

  7. musco says:

    Be light and salt.
    That is the teaching from God.
    So we try to clean the streets and help neighbors and donate blood and so on.

  8. Ariel says:

    Give Glory to God do your good deeds. Good!

  9. elina says:

    Our God shows us how to love and serve neighbor. We can make the world more beautiful place by doing volunteer service and preaching the gospel for the glory of God.

  10. richmond says:

    good ! love is true gem

    following love  eternal life is awaiting for you

  11. lebekah says:

    I want to love my neighbor as heavenly Mother loves us and mankind !!

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