The 53rd Overseas Visiting Group


Those Who Are Forcing Their Way Into Heaven, Being Armed With Love

On July 25, a large number of members from Asian countries—India, Japan, China and Nepal—entered Korea through the Incheon International Airport. They were members of the 53rd Overseas Visiting Group that was specially organized for gospel worker education. This visiting group consisted of 169 members who had been taking the lead in the gospel work at 59 main or branch Churches in four Asian countries. 85 percent of them were young adult members in their twenties or thirties—they are the workers of the new covenant, who devote themselves to the work of God very enthusiastically.

The schedule of this visiting group focused on the programs that help the overseas members build up their Bible knowledge, virtue, faith and leadership, which gospel workers should possess. Although it was the hot summer season in Korea, the continuous torrential rains cooled down the heat. The grace of the Holy Spirit was poured out like heavy rain upon the overseas members who studied the truth fervently.

Mother commended the members who had made efforts for the gospel in difficult circumstances and comforted them with the hope for heaven. She blessed them, saying, “As you visit Korea with much difficulty, ask for the blessing of the Holy Spirit earnestly and become great gospel workers to find all our lost heavenly members.” At every moment, Mother stayed with the overseas members and served them. She attentively listened to the problems of each individual member and of their local and branch Churches as well. Her every deed itself was an object lesson, which was inscribed in the hearts of the overseas members.

Brother Hiro from the Yokohama Church, Japan, said, “Mother personally called me by my name and granted my wish and understood my thoughts. Because of Her love, I felt that every single word of the Bible was coming alive in my heart when I was studying the Bible.” Deaconess Pyush from the Hyderabad Church, India, said, “While being directly taught by Mother and seeing Church videos, I’ve realized that preaching without love is nothing, and that dying souls can be revived only when we preach to them with the love of Mother.”

The overseas members took time out of their busy schedule to visit the World Mission Society Church of God History Museum, some local Churches and the Institutes, where they shared brotherly love and obtained much realization. They also attended a cultural event prepared to comfort and encourage them, through which they received much spiritual inspiration and new strength as well. They committed themselves to participate in the suffering of Christ and to preach the sacrificial love of Father and Mother, as great gospel workers.

The members of the 53rd Overseas Visiting Group realized the value of God’s blessings and tried their best to help God the Mother with love for Her, as Jacob did, even though they did not have much experience in faith. “The kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it” (Mt 11:12). These words of God were being fulfilled by them all over the world.

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