Blessing for Those who are Prepared


This is a beautiful fragrance of the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). Let me share it for you.

‘I will please God the Mother by bearing beautiful fruit!’

I run a small store with my husband, so I cannot afford to go out to preach every day. However, whenever I had time, I delivered the good news to my customers who visited my store, my clients and my neighbors whom I ran into. Although I was really busy at work from morning till evening, I did not forget this; Preaching the Gospel is my duty. It seemed that God was pleased with me; He allowed me to bear much fruit. However, many of them failed to stand firm in faith, most likely because I did not deliver to them the words of the Bible at the proper time with the excuse that I was busy.

Before the Pentecost, I eagerly asked God the Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother to help me find a good soul. I read the Truth Books whenever time allowed, and practiced preaching the Bible to my husband even while working, thinking that unless I was prepared, the same result as before would be repeated even if God granted me fruits.

‘To bear good fruit, I, a branch, should first be strong.’ With this thought, I studied the words of God diligently and kept the Pentecost with reverence. Then I felt like something good would happen and it surely came true; many joyful things occurred to me continuously.

One day, I preach the Word to a beauty shop owner whom I had been acquainted with. At that time, there was also the mother of my child’s friend in the shop; she had once studied the truth, but closed her mind after hearing slanderous remarks about the World Mission Society Church of God from her neighbors. I was somewhat worried that she would refuse to listen, but I opened the Bible, thinking that it was a chance to clear up her misunderstanding. To my surprised, however, she showed more interest than the beauty shop owner. Listening to the truth about God the Mother, she was assured of Her existence and received the promise of a new life immediately. The first thing she said after being reborn as a child of God was, “I feel so relieved now!”

It turned out that she used to visit fortunetellers because she felt uneasy even over the smallest things. She also attended the Catholic Church for a while with the wish to depend on God while living in this world where nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. She finally met the true God and found comfort. Seeing her, I also felt relieved.

Since she ran a restaurant, she finished her work at dawn. I was worried that she would fall away from Zion, unable to have a steady flow of spiritual food. However, she came to Zion every morning, saying that she wanted to learn the words of God quickly. She was probably tired, but she did not let it show; instead, she told us that she was sorry for visiting us so early- how beautiful she was! With such a beautiful mind, she led her husband to the way of salvation.

It was not only I who was amazed at her change. The beauty shop owner, who was indifferent to the truth at first, was also surprised at the change of the sister; she knew that the sister had visited a shaman’s house very often as if it had been her own home. After studying the truth seriously, she received God like a gentle lamb. Now she is diligently learning the Bible and also preaching the truth to her family, even though she is very busy.

I give thanks to Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for allowing me, who is weak, to bear good fruit. From now on, I will always put God at the center of my heart and pay attention to the words of truth all the more. I believe that Father Ahnsahnghong and Mother will allow me to lead many souls to WMSCOG if I am prepared to feed them God’s word at the proper time.

The autumn feasts are coming. As a faithful worker of God, I will diligently deliver the food of life to many people, so that they can all receive the blessing of the Holy Spirit which Father and Mother pour out like a waterfall.

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