Who Spread All Those Rumors about WMSCOG?


These days, some false rumors are hurting members of the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). It’s just false rumors about the World Mission Society Church of God(WMSCOG). In order to understand this, let me give you one example.

“Go-ryeo-jang” is believed to be a traditional Korean custom where grown-up children throw away their old parents on a mountain. Korea is known as a country of “Hyo” which generally means “To respect and take care of your parents,” but, even so, it is recorded in the Korean history books that “Gor-Yeo-Jang” was practiced in Korea during the time of Goryeo dynasty. “Go-ryeo-jang” is a very embarrassing piece of history that disgraces Korea, but thankfully, it is proven to be false by historians:
First, the word “Go-ryeo-jang” never once appears in any book written during the time of the Gor-yeo dynasty. Second, there was a practice of throwing away the bodies of the deceased, but this is entirely different to the practice of “Go-ryeo-jang” which is to throw away the body of a living person.

Then, who came up with the word “Go-ryeo-jang” to tarnish the reputation of Korea? William E. Griffis (An America orientalist, Congregational minister, lecturer and author [1]) used the word in a book he wrote – “Hermit Nation, Korea,” where he did not identify the source of information about “Go-ryeo-jang”, and he introduced Korea as a very strange country where Koreans don’t talk to each other during meals, because they want to eat more food.

Ironically, William E. Griffis had never once visited Korea in his life time. He wrote the book, based on what he heard from the people around him. False rumors about “Go-ryeo-jang” spiralled out of control, when Korea was under Japanese rule. Japanese wrote about “Go-ryeo-jang”, in books, like “Legendary Cho-sun” and “Cho-sun stories.” What was their intention behind all that?

In-Hak, Cho, a professor at Inha University, claims that Japanese wanted to illegally mine graves in Korea to get the goods that Koreans bury along with the body of the deceased. Koreans were very careful with the graves of their ancestors, so Japanese made false rumors about “Go-ryeo-jang” to justify their acts of illegally mining Korean graves.

The above example shows the way in which false rumors are spread and misinterpreted as truth in the mind of people. I also remember a time when I was once deceived; one time, I thought Dae-Jung, Kim – former Korean President, was Japanese, based on false information I’d gathered, from ignorant old people. I was so embarrassed when I’d realized it was just a rumor. But, who was to blame? It was entirely my fault to be foolish enough to believe such information from strangers. These days, false rumors can spread very quickly, especially through social media, and to our surprise, a great number of people rely on them for information.

Tak-Su, Hyeon – History lecturer at Gor-yeo University, explained as follows, concerning how rumors spread: Rumors tend to be simple, conclusive, biased and appeal to our emotions to control our mind. There are no talks and debates, and not much information is provided around rumors. What really matters is that politicians may misuse rumors to control social and political events in their favor with ill intentions.

Rumors, whether one may believe it or not, is always harmful. In Korea, some celebrities end their life because they can no longer stand being falsely accused of things they are not even aware of.
In the same way, false rumors are hurting members of the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). People believe almost any kind of information that strangers tell them about WMSCOG such as “World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) is a cult”, “Members are confined in the basement of the Church in Bun-dang”, “Once you go to WMSCOG, you can never get out”, “They instigate mass-suicide”, and so on.

Those are just false rumors about the World Mission Society Church of God(WMSCOG). It’s so shocking to know that they have not even been to the Church of God, once. If you truly want to know if the Church of God is a cult, you can find out through the bible. If people are really confined in the Church of God, like in a prison as they claim, you can sue the church. One must never force beliefs onto another person.

I, personally, fear death and want to live a good, well-balanaced life. So I came to believe in God who gives eternal life. If you still cannot believe what I say, you can visit the Church of God and check out everything for yourself with your own eyes. If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything –Mark Twain-



[1] Brown, John Howard. (1904).“Griffis, William Elliot,” The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans. Boston: The Biographical Society.


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27 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    We need to know what the truth is.

  2. Sujan says:

    Rumors are carried by haters, I don’t trust their voice.

  3. Eun a says:

    A lie can never defeat the truth.

  4. Pp준 says:

    Many people do not realize God,but waste their lives on vain things.
    Let’s believe in God,and only listen to His word.

  5. Carly says:

    People always love a good scandal and like to hear bad things and rumors, not good things. Unfortunately that’s what the public loves! The problem is, it can lead people away from believing the truth, just as people made up false rumors about Jesus. Great article!

  6. Timothy says:

    Amen. Before we believe someone’s opinion, we should evaluate the person’s credibility. God bless you.

  7. wikijun says:

    There are six kinds of rumor according to Fearn – Banks. These are intentional rumors, premature-fact rumor, malicious rumor, outrageous-rumor, nearly true rumor and birthday rumor. First, intentional rumor was fabricated deliberately in order to accomplish any purpose, premature-fact rumor which the rumor will eventually come out though it is early. it mean that the malicious rumor is to spread false stories to harm, the meaning of outrageous-rumor is a rumor that is regarded as fact even though it is very radical and insulting not truth, nearly true rumor is not realistic but it is founded on facts, and birthday rumor is repetitive rumor that has emerged again and faded away gradually. I listened that rumors which are malicious and intentional rumors about the Church of God who believes in Christ Ahnsahnghong. For what I know, the rumor is just rumor. I hope that those who slander WMSCOG don’t make the rumor by intention and maliciously to harm the World Mission society Church of God. I think that was all from the religious hatred.

    • Timothy says:

      Wow. Thanks you wikijun. I never know there are 6 types of rumors. Thanks you for sharing good information. God bless U. 🙂

  8. monica says:

    Rumors, whether one may believe it or not, is very harmful to the public.

    Have you heard about “Go-Ryeo-Jang”?

    False rumors about “Go-Ryeo-Jang” was made by Japanese malice.

    But, to my shame, I also have believed that it is a historical fact.

    False rumors about “the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG)” are just same.

    False rumors about “WMSCOG” are made by malicious slanderers. Unfortunately, those who have never once visited WMSCOG believe the rumors.

    If you believe in God and want to receive the salvation, please examine WMSCOG only through the Bible.

    If so, you can see the truth and the true WMSCOG.

    • Timothy says:

      We should not be led by slanderers who spread the false rumors about the WMSCOG. They cannot give us salvation. Then, why should we listen their rumors and be destroyed?

  9. julie says:

    I’ve been attending WMSCOG for 7years ,however, I’ve never been disappointed to the Church of God truely. All things which had done here were genuine and amazing. So when I continued to study about the prophecy in the Bible, I was shocked that the Bible was true. And then secondly I was surprised the true church had been disturbing through falsehojulieod. Because of it , I used to feel painful.. But I know those who are genuine will win at last

  10. irenetheron says:

    It is not so difficult to find that there is always a dirty,obnoxious and vicious intention of some one behind the false rumors. So plz doubt your doubts about Church of God, and soon you will see that Church of God is the genuine church that follows teachings of Jesus as written in the Bible and makes every effort to share the love of Elohim God by good deeds.

  11. vicky says:

    Though slanderers always try to interrupt the WMSCOG with many lies, the WMSCOG grow very fast. it is because there is truth in the WMSCOG.
    And the WMSCOG always do good things for the world and received so many awards.
    Please don’t be deceived by their lies and come to the WMSCOG and you can check !

  12. sarah says:

    This is False claim and so groundless. All member of WMSCOG love their family and respect their parents.
    It is God the Mother’s teaching. No matter what they say, we are harmonious.

  13. DIANNE says:

    People want gossips and they make stories even they don’t really know. It’d be foolish to believe those kinds of rumors.
    I was very confused when I first started studying the Bible. Bcz all I study in WMSCOG was so true. But many people said WMSCOG was doing sth wrong… There were lots of rumors. But i found that rumors were just rumors. People of WMSSCOG were so nice, kind, and brilliant. Now I realized that we should see God’s word, not men’s.

  14. lebekah says:

    Please read the book of John 8:44~
    You can find the answer who spread the false testimonies n lie
    God let us know the truth
    then,whi let us know the false
    Think !!

  15. gracey says:

    All the false rumors about the Church of God or Elohim God are from the people who only has been to the church once or twice or even none. Though they don’t know the true Church of God, they predict and write as if its true. My husband also thought our church was strange at first due to all the false rumors. But now he is really proud to become a member and tries to keep all the feasts. Instead of listening to other people, come to the church yourself and find out the true WMSCOG.

  16. Greg says:

    The people who are slandering our Church and insulting with false rumors surely have their own evil purpose. Because they can get it by doing like that, so they are doing this kind of bad works. What is that? It’s just for their money. Their dirty mind is related money connection as a religion broker called by themselves as heresy experts. But all of their saying are lies. Finally, by true God, their efforts will be in vain.

    • Timothy says:

      Amen. Those who have insulted WMSCOG, Zion, belong to Babylon. They are predestined to be punished by God. Don’t be deceived by them and loose your salvation.

  17. elina says:

    I give thanks to Elohim God who leads us to the way of the truth and gives us the wisdom which we can distinguish between truth and false. All false rumors of slanderers will be revealed and judged by God.

  18. jackey says:

    Frankly speaking, sometimes when i heard false malicious rumors of WMSCOG, i couldn’t have stopped feeling anger rise
    in myself.
    They, slanderers, have never been considering the risk of rumors.
    Plz don’t let them fool you, rather let us defeat them with the words of God.

  19. Jj says:

    THE RUMOR can kill someone. you know sometimes we used to hear thru the bad romor some people got hurt.
    WMSCOG also victim by the rumor .

  20. victoria says:

    I was decieved by some slanders when I went to WMSCOG. However, I get doubt about their slanders because it was ridiculous that the members of WMSCOG are very kind and have humble mind although I heard the members of WMSCOG are liar. Therefore, I decide to keep going the Bible study and judge they are cult or not. And now, I become know there is truth of God in WMSCOG! Come to WMSCOG and you will know WMSCOG is real chuch established by God!

    • Timothy says:

      Thanks to Father and Mother to save your soul from the slanders who spreads false rumors about the WMSCOG.

  21. The power of rumors is so strong. So through the rumors, there remains big harm.
    However, false rumors must be known that the rumors are false.
    World Mission Society Church of God receive many awards from nations. Recently in Korea, president give award in Her name. I think, this proves that WMSCOG is good organization recognized by nation.

  22. Angela Hensen says:

    When I was a new believer of the Church of God, I too heard about these rumors. Firstly, I was deceived, but I found it was just rumors. Attending at the Church of God for 6 years, I haven’t felt any strange thing. I have only seen good deeds of the members.

  23. david says:

    If one hears false rumors about Church of God from a stranger, he must first evaluate the stranger’s credibility.
    For example, Barack Obama is not going to cease to be the current president of the United States, just because I say he is not. -> That would be so ridiculous.
    Those who make false accusations against Church of God, are often not reliable and trust-worthy.

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