Every part of our body is equally important.


This is a story of a member of the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG).

One day, I worked on demolishing a house destroyed by fire. While I was cleaning a floor and collecting debris, a tiny piece of glass got stuck in my little finger. I had a little bit of blood on my finger, but I disregarded it since I had no problem working.

However, it became a problem on the following day. When I was lifting up heavy loads, I kept dropping them due to my little finger which had less strength. I only hurt my little finger, yet I had so much difficulty working. As I experienced this, I could feel the true meaning of the words in the Bible which say that every part of our body is equally important.

To be honest, sometimes I felt that some members in WMSCOG were doing things that seemed important while others were doing things less important. I did not really realize that all the members are equally important and necessary; each of them is carrying out the mission entrusted by God.

I’m afraid that I’ve disregarded the efforts of the brothers and sisters because of my lack of understanding. For this I feel sorry to God and to the members as well. “Love your brothers as yourself.” Following this teaching of God, from now on I will regard all my brothers and sisters as important and precious.

 HK Lee from Korea

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